About us

We offer 
music & food @ home 
•	New alternative recreation. 
•	Energizing creative touristic attraction from innovative perspective.
•	Memorable experiences. 
•	A magical meeting in a place with unusual characteristics. 

Great benefits that make the difference
•	The opportunity to feel a friendly Israel that not sees anywhere else.
•	Nourishes and strengthens the meaning of identity. 
•	It allows to participate in a revealing social tourism and a unique interaction.
•	Is aimed at a VIP audience in a familiar and welcoming environment like no other. 
•	Warm encounter with a lifestyle and the local culture. 
•	Dazzling moments of unique interaction. 
•	Guest enjoys meeting the hosts and gets the exiting artistic activities. 
•	A private bohemian environment in a privileged location. 
•	High level of hospitality in a homey ambience.
•	A symphony of emotions and flavors. 
•	Possibility to customize the menu. 
•	It is spoken in Spanish, English, Hebrew and Portuguese. 
•	People arrive as strangers and leave as family.

What do you get?

•	Gripping live music show performance with a wide repertoire, quality sound and a touch of personal history with a awesome duo of trained musicians, composers creating a magical elevated touching experience with countless amount of instruments.

•	Exquisite homemade and first level dishes. Delicious meals in a variety of local food and drinks to be spoiled in abundance accompanied with good wine, beer boutique and an amazing service.

Book early, available for groups from 15 to 80 people

For any other information... We are here!  
Call now or whatsapp +972-54-528-1878 / +972-53-729-4772

A taste of Israel is an organized meeting that inspires and mobilizes sensitivity that connects with the emotions the roots the essence and the origin. The guest arrive as strangers and leave as family.