Enjoy a unique experience in a bohemian artistic environment that allows you to connect and engage with local culture. Our programs for groups offer a soulful and fun party for the spirit and palate to create something even better, featuring a live private music show with a diverse repertoire that moves the heart. Indulge in homemade artisanal food made with local ingredients, including a great Argentine BBQ that is smoked for six hours. Savor our bountiful buffet table, which includes excellent wines, boutique beer, and other drinks. All this takes place in an exceptional location, with meetings held in an intimate private studio that has its own surprising and charming style. Join us for an unforgettable atmosphere of connection, traditions, and enjoyment.

experience the essence of SHABAT


Join us on Friday night for a joyful spiritual ceremony where we will greet this moment with happiness, gratitude, beauty and music. Julio & Mariel guide the guests through a journey into this celebration, light candles together, enjoy a home-cooked dinner that unites culinary traditions with gems of songs, and immerse yourself in stories that make the experience unique. The event takes place in a cozy setting for up to 20 people and allows you to connect with the local culture and yourself. Unforgettable Shabbat experience!


A magical meeting with unique unusual characteristics.

TzfatTHE meaning of identity

Join us for a fascinating journey through time, where we'll bridge the gap between the very old and the very modern. Our tour will take you on a cultural adventure that combines the ancient wisdom of Old Tzfat with the modern flair of contemporary art and cuisine.  unique experience that will  expand your understanding of the rich and diverse culture of Israel. You'll explore the winding alleyways and ancient synagogues of Old Tzfat, immersing in the spiritual and cultural heritage of this holy city and cutting edge of contemporary art and culinary innovation, you'll discover the latest trends and tastes that define modern Israeli culture.


music and the good vibes comes with us everywhere

Itinerant concert

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Entertainment for Embassies, Cultural Centers, Institutions, Retirement / Nursing home, Concert halls - Moshavim / Kibbutzim. Hebrew, Spanish, English, Ladino and Yiddish. Styles that go from pop, rock, jazz, Latin, folklore, crossover, folk, reggae. According to the needs, tastes and budget, there is the possibility of adding other musicians, sound equipment, lights and accessories for celebrations.




Yehuda Glantz cultural ambassador of Hebrew Latin music in Israel to the world.
Composer, singer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist performer.
Self-taught artist and musician without borders, born in Argentina and based in Jerusalem.
He plays 14 instruments. He is the pioneer in incorporating the charango into Israeli culture and fusing music from biblical sources with native melodies and instruments. He recorded 13 albums of his own, he is the composer and producer of the cultural event "Nómade" with the participation of The Israel Symphony Orchestra ISO, founder and artistic producer of the Regalim and Balabasta Festival in the city of Jerusalem. He participated in the TV show in the USA "Friends", Celebrity Telethon on channel 13 KCOP in Hollywood. A goldsmith of sounds, avant-garde and revolutionary, teacher and apprentice.
For years together with Mariel Pivín, her partner in life as well as in art, is dedicated to the production of Búsqueda Eterna, with his own compositions and personal arrangements.



Singer, performer, composer, vocal coach and music therapist Born in Santa Fe (Argentina) and based in Jerusalem. She began his career since childhood singing liturgical songs and playing classical melodies on piano. She trained in artistic and humanistic areas: Psychology, Theater, Piano, Singing and Dance.Mariel is a versatile artist, with angel voice and amazing vocal range, combines pop with lyric and various styles such as folk, tango and jazz. Since 1988 she has performed international music recitals where includes songs in Spanish, Ladino, Hebrew, Idish and English, touring Argentina, South American countries, L.A., Japan, Russia and Israel. She participated in different musical ensembles, working in television in several programs in her country. Awarded for its level of excellence and revelation interpreter by grandmaster Alexander Tamir (The Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance). Collaborate with songs in Spanish for Omer Adam (Israel).

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make your trip to israel unforgettable

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Dedicated for exclusive foreign tourism

A large creative space with activities for families and selective VIP small groups

Music Content, Culinary Art, Jewish Culture, Cuisine,  Peoplehood, Spirit and Flavor... 

yehuda julio glantz

CULTURAL AMBASSADORof Jewish Latin music to the world

"Music is a universal language that transcends cultural and geographical barriers. In this sense, Yehuda Glantz has been named cultural ambassador of Jewish Latin music to the world. Glantz is an artist who has managed to combine the rhythms and melodies of two very different cultures to create a unique and powerful sound that reaches all corners of the world. He is a true bridge between the Jewish and Latino communities, and through his music he has managed to unite people of different origins and cultures. Their music reflects the richness of both cultures and is a celebration of diversity and inclusion. Through it, he has spread the history and culture of his people, and at the same time has made an important contribution to the musical heritage of humanity. Music can bring people together and promote understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity. His work is a legacy for future generations and an inspiration for those who seek to build bridges between the different communities of the world."


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friends evening event

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The music and mysticism in each encounter...Julio and Mariel open their home, located in the picturesque neighborhood of Abu Ghosh, surrounded by palm trees and very close to the entrance to Jerusalem. It is a space where different activities are carried out in a climate of camaraderie, integration and exchange.

Rosa Smeke - Wizo Mexico
Rosa Smeke - Wizo Mexico


Puedo decir que nos alegraron y nos llenaron de emoción, son unos profesionales de alto nivel y hacen un dúo maravilloso. Mil gracias... Estuvo precioso la comida increible y riquisima la pasamos genial...!

Alba Diana
Alba Diana


Quedamos todos bajo su hechizo musical, algo para escuchar, dejarse llevar con la emocion. El lugar me encanto con los cientos de intrumentos colgados en las paredes que te da un clima bohemio y muy personal, la comida nos encato, artistas con todos los sentidos..!!

Rivka Lobl Mitelberg
Rivka Lobl Mitelberg


Thank you Julio and Mariel for giving us the opportunity to enjoy and make our hearts beat so that we still feel the vibrations.I take this opportunity to thank you greatlyfor the spectacular spectacle (not redundancy) in which I had the privilegeand pleasure of participating. Great food.

Ruty Najman Chertoff
Ruty Najman Chertoff


Once you cross the front door, you enter the studio with a magical atmosphere, where the music speaks from all corners, a special way to spend an evening with dear people, and also connect inside.

Galit Riback
Galit Riback


Julio and Mariel, thank you for an incredible evening. It was a huge pleasure. Two great hosts, in a beautiful house, warm, full of music that cheers and fills the soul. It was a magical night; a beautiful experience and we recommend it to everyone.

Hila Castel
Hila Castel


Bohemian Evening with Julio & Mariel is a wonderful night full of love and magic. I highly recommend it to anyone on a quest that turns on the heart and who wants to get drunk with good music and great culinary art

Michelle Greenspan
Michelle Greenspan


I joined the Kabbalat Shabbat program and had a blast! The atmosphere was intimate and FUN. Julio and Mariel are natural hosts that encourage the crowd and make everyone feel at home. It was an honor to be at the home of such world class musicians and excellent chefs, leave feeling like I spent an evening with close friends.


Once you cross the front door, you enter the studio with a magical atmosphere, where the music speaks from all corners.




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