Culinary tourism in Israel

An essential visit at Julio and Mariel. 
Exclusive and private, off the conventional radar

For a vip and top tourist! 
Music in Jewish culture and gastronomy have walked together since ancient times, both are fundamental and made for each other. With strong roots and a wide range of local dishes, we combine modernity with the subtlety of exquisite taste and songs made with ingredients from the heart in a unique Show. 
Take wing with live music and sumptuous meals. 
Discover new flavors of an immense cultural heritage that can be felt, smelled and tasted in an exotic environment full of art. 
Be part of an exploration of the iconic foods of Israeli cuisine in a true experience that is a source of inspiration. 
Learn a new recipe to prepare once you're back home while you remember that song make you feel high. 
Let yourself be surprised and come hungry!

A stop that you must make on your way through the country.

Turismo culinario en Israel 
Una visita imprescindible en lo de Julio y Mariel- exclusivo y privado, alejado del radar convencional. Para un turista vip y top!  La música en el pueblo hebreo y la gastronomía desde tiempos remotos caminan juntas, pues se sabe que desde la antigüedad ambas están hechas una para la otra. Con raíces bien marcadas y un extenso abanico de platos locales, combinamos la modernidad con la sutileza de un gusto exquisito y canciones elaboradas con ingredientes del corazón en un Show único. Se vive la música en vivo y se come exageradamente bien. Descubre nuevos sabores de un inmenso patrimonio cultural que se palpa, huele y degusta en un exótico ambiente pleno de arte.
Se parte de una exploración de los icónicos alimentos de la culinaria Israeli en una verdadera experiencia que es fuente de inspiración. Aprende una nueva receta para preparar una vez que estés de regreso en tu casa mientras recuerdas aquella canción que te hizo bien al alma. Dejate sorprender y ven con hambre ¡
Una parada que debes hacer a tu paso por el país.
Menu & Description


ASADO - KOSHER BBQ - Argentinean style 
Dinner served on the table - (Minimum 10 up to 20 people)
First Course: Empanadas, Chorizo, Smoked meat sausages, Smoked chicken liver 
Salads: Green salad with the best seasonal vegetables, Criolla (tomato, onion, chili, sweet pepper) Provenzal lentils (garlic and parsley), Dry pesto tomatoes (garlic and basil), Eggplant on fire (with tahini /mayonnaise), Smoked sweet red paper with garlic and spaces, Green and black olives, Pickles, Sauces - Chimichurri, Mayochurri, Home mayonnaise (dips). 
Special breads: Garlic Focaccia, Artisan Bread, Baguette, Pita.
Main course: Smoked Asado / Veal ribs / Entrecote / Smoked pastrami / Smoked chicken, Hamburger accompanied with Fresh green leaf salad / Lettuce tomato and onion / Garlic and sesame cabbage / Baked potatoes / Rocola leaves / Dried tomatoes / Sunflower seeds. 
Dessert: Chocolate dessert / cake or ice-cream / Fruits of season. Alfajores 
Drinks: Red dry wine - Quality boutique Beer - Soft Drinks soda - Juices – Lemonade, Coca Cola, Mineral Water.  Coffee / tea - typical cookies. 
*Note: (subject to market existence) 
The items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability in the market.
We work to provide the best service in quality fresh food and certified kashrut.  


03 Premium Buffet Menu 2 - Bohemian Evening 
Variety of salads: Humus, Tehina, Eggplant, Matbuha, Tabule, Israeli salad, Green salad, Zucchini, Falafel, Kibbeh, Sambusak, Empanadas, 
Homemade smoked salmon fish, Tuna mayonnaise with rice, Vegetable or Potato kish.
Dressing’s sauces: Chimichurry, Pikles, Green and black olives, 
Bread: Pita, Crackers & potato chips. Drinks: Juices, Water, coffee / tea, cakes or cookies.The Price includes red wine (1 bottle for 4 people)

02 Bohemian Evening - Buffet Menu 1
Variety of salads: Hummus, Tehina, Eggplant, Matbucha, Tubule, Israeli salad, 
Dressing’s sauces: Chimichurri, Pickles, Green and black olives.
Falafel, Kibbeh, Sambusak, Pita, Crackers & Potato chips. 
Drinks: juices / coffee / tea / cakes or cookies. 
Price includes red wine (1 bottle for 4 people)


Kabbalat Shabbat - VIP KOSHER Dinner Banquet - Served on the table. 
(Minimum 10 up to 20 people)
Variety of Salads: Green salad with the best seasonal vegetables, Matbucha, Tubule, Humus, Tehina, Eggplant, Dry pesto tomatoes (garlic and basil), Israeli salad. Special Bread: Different variety of bread.  Dressing’s sauces dips, Chimichurri, Pickles, Green and black olives, First Course: Meat empanadas, Sambusak, Crackers & potato chips, Canapé. Grilled smoked salmon with citrus and herbs, Rice tuna mayonnaise, green zucchini. Main course: Roasted smoked meat baked, Smoked chicken with mushroom, grilled roast beef. Dessert: Chocolate Dessert or Cake or Ice-cream. Typical Mediterranean cookies. Drinks: Quality boutique red dry wine, Grape juices, Beer, Soft drinks juices, Soda, Mineral water, Coffee / Tea – Typical Mediterranean cookies.
•	Quality personalized service
•	Great music show 
•	Excellent food 
•	Local culture, joy and happiness
•	Exotic meeting place - Cozy artistic environment 
Solutions for incoming tourist travel agents.
We maintained a philosophy of offering our customers the highest quality in our service.
We provide the finest effective attention to your needs. 
It is near Jerusalem, in a privileged and safe place, easy access and free parking.

Julio & Mariel at home - Celebration for the Senses 
live music & food - Abu Ghosh - Israel. 
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